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AmeriMedia recalls the year 2005 when International agencies and key advertisers first requested the availability of new digital media specific to the region. They wanted information regarding trending digital platforms geared to reach a new generation of consumers. The company responded with ‘The Essential Caribbean Consumer' - that report pointed out, but few Caribbean media companies were able to prompt digital engagements. AmeriMedia advocates digital commitments to all Caribbean media and provides supplemental insight as a gesture suggesting the importance of social platforms that ultimately help to enhance the community’s perception of the advertiser.

We trust the endeavors of Radio as 'The People's Media of Choice' and we make light of those successful Caribbean Radio stations that carefully guide advertisers over the 'Super-Highway' where their consumers welcome the brand. This exceptional care assumes the stronghold fundamental nature of Radio's purpose, totally special to the Caribbean.

AmeriMedia in the Caribbean plans, places and supervises media investments alleviating the over-complicated, over-surveyed and over-consulted business of Radio advertising. By testimony, Radio has proven to be the ideal media in a stand-alone Caribbean brand campaign. Again, many years later we find this tradition completely indigenous to the area today.



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